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I'm a Stranger

I'm stranger
for my own
for myself

I read all the post I've ever written
seems losing me
don't know at all bout the condition

it's just true
I'm gonna be stranger
at all
when I decide to come home
after the darkness being my partner in these last year

I read all colourful smile here
I read positive spirit here
I read my dreamy girl here
I read my lovefull here
but now..
just nothing!!

I'm a dying stranger..
please give me some pill to make me conscious
and aware of everything

no more crying...
I need my previous me...

can I back?
Marita Ningtyas
A wife, a mom of two, a blogger and writerpreneur, also a parenting enthusiast. Menulis bukan hanya passion, namun juga merupakan kebutuhan dan keinginan untuk berbagi manfaat. Tinggal di kota Lunpia, namun jarang-jarang makan Lunpia.

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